There’s a Better Way

Healthcare has made great technological strides since the days of paper-based medical charts. Yet, even with the high rate of EHR adoption, there is still a gap in providing needed patient information at the physician’s fingertips – in an easily skimmable format – that is seamlessly integrated into the clinician workflow.

At Medicomp Systems, we’ve spent over 30 years designing solutions that mirror the way physicians think and work, and the result is our intuitive Quippe solution suite. Our comprehensive solutions work in tandem to deliver relevant, actionable medical information at the point of care for improved clinical decision-making.

Heighten Physician Productivity & Satisfaction

Powered by Quippe Clinical Data Engine, Quippe clinical documentation solutions streamline workflows and enhance documentation functionality, elevating the usability and ROI of health systems’ existing EHRs.

The Quippe clinical documentation product suite, which includes Physician Clinical Documentation and Nursing Clinical Documentation solutions, supplies simplified tracking of quality measurements, driving greater clinician efficiency and satisfaction by enabling more time for patient care.

But don’t just believe us – listen to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, who added Quippe solutions to their existing EHRs and reported increased productivity, allowing them to see up to 30 percent more patients.

Proven Partner

Medicomp Systems’ Quippe solution suite empowers healthcare organizations of all sizes toexceed quality measures, satisfy regulatory compliance, improve clinical efficiencies and enhance care quality. The physician-designed technology positions leading hospitals and health systems worldwide to effectively address present and future market demands including: