Population Health: High-Quality Data On Demand

As healthcare organizations move toward embracing value-based care models, they are also examining population health initiatives to drive higher-quality care and positive health outcomes. To achieve those goals and optimize population health management, hospitals and health systems must have ready access to high-quality data for queries, reporting and timely interventions.

Actionable Information & Clinical Insights

With Quippe Clinical Lens, providers can easily capture and view critical patient information at the point of care. The data is then correlated with other clinically relevant information and stored in a query-friendly, structured data format that is the foundation for analytics reporting. With expanded access to more complete, actionable patient information, provider organizations can derive the intelligent clinical insights they need to effectively manage the health of their patients.

Unleashing the Power of Population Health Management

Quippe Clinical Data Engine also enhances the power of population health management systems. Using millions of mappings to clinical concepts, including SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, LOINC, ICD-10 and others, the data engine can analyze data sets by problem, dramatically increasing the relevance and value of queries and insights. Healthcare systems can further extend the functionality of their population health management systems by leveraging Quippe Clinical Lens’ structured data to assist in measuring quality metrics under value-based care models.

Population of One…to Many

Effective population health initiatives must go beyond simply identifying the trends and needs associated with a given population. The linchpin is that the clinical insights derived from that data must be delivered to the clinician in an actionable format at the point of care. Only in this way will providers elevate population health by delivering better care, one patient at a time.

Your Partner – Today and Tomorrow

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