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Join host Dr. Jay Anders as he sits down with experts from across healthcare and technology to discuss ways to improve EHR usability for end-users. Dr. Anders and his guests explore opportunities to enhance clinical systems to make them work better for clinicians, reduce burnout, maximize revenue potential, and drive better patient care outcomes. 

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Jay Anders, MD

Dr. Jay Anders
Chief Medical Officer of Medicomp Systems

Dr. Anders supports product development, spearheads the company’s clinical advisory board, and works closely with doctors and nurses to ensure that all Medicomp products are developed to enhance usability for clinician end users. Throughout his career, Dr. Anders has served as a voice for physicians and is committed to the advancement of IT solutions that serve the needs of clinician users and optimize patient care.

Twitter: @medicompdoc
LinkedIn: Jay Anders, MD



James Aita, MBA
Director of Business Development and Strategy of Medicomp Systems

James Aita drives business development, corporate strategy, and industry awareness at Medicomp. With his background in product management in EHRs and digital media, he contextualizes industry trends and strategic direction, with a view to bring innovation to the industry through clinical data.

Twitter: @healthtechjames
LinkedIn: James Aita


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