Medicomp Systems:
A History of Innovation

Peter Goltra founded Medicomp Systems in 1978 with a specific goal in mind: driving better patient care through expanded physician access to clinically relevant patient information and improved medical data sharing throughout the healthcare system. His vision was the catalyst for developing a powerful knowledge engine that today is used by leading health organizations throughout the world.

Medicomp Systems has spent over 45 years continuously optimizing its flagship Quippe Clinical Data Engine in collaboration with clinical teams and data scientists from Cornell University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the Department of Defense Military Health System and other major health systems. Throughout the evolution of its Quippe product suite, the Medicomp Systems team has remained focused on a simple principle: Innovative technology can drive the delivery of high-quality, clinically relevant data to enhance patient care.

Today, Medicomp Systems’ Quippe technology and products empower healthcare organizations worldwide to increase EHR usability and provide physicians with clinically contextual information for better decision-making at the point of care. In addition, Quippe clinical documentation tools store critical patient details in a query-friendly, structured data format that facilitates analytics, reporting, population health insights, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and interoperability.

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