Making MACRA Compliance Easy

From increased demands to see more patients in less time to shifting reimbursement models to ever-changing regulatory requirements, providers are faced with more challenges than ever before. One of the most impactful regulatory requirements for Medicare providers is MACRA (The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015), which includes 271 possible clinical quality measure (CQM) requirements, most of which involve clinical decisions that are best made at the point of care.

Chasm of Compliance Integration

Compliance is no small matter. Satisfaction of MACRA quality reporting requirements determines providers’ financial bonuses and prevents penalties. Yet most of today’s EHRs and clinical decision-support solutions have failed to offer seamless compliance support such as integration of CQMs at the point of care and within physician workflows. As a result, providers are forced to use cumbersome, inefficient workflows or worse, re-enter redundant data, wasting precious time and introducing the potential for human data entry error.

Quippe: The Smart Solution Suite

Medicomp Systems innovated the Quippe family of products to bridge that gap. As a physician documents an encounter at the point of care, Quippe Clinical Data Engine works behind the scenes to monitor quality compliance and identify which CQM requirements are being met. Leveraging that information, Quippe Clinical Lens then prompts the physician of potential care gaps, allowing the clinician to take immediate action at the point of care while addressing MACRA reporting requirements. All of this occurs within the existing EHR workflow, driving greater clinician productivity and usability of existing hospital information systems. Download our MACRA guide to learn more.

Future-Proofed Technology

Medicomp Systems’ Quippe solution suite empowers healthcare organizations of all sizes to exceed quality measures, satisfy regulatory compliance, improve clinical efficiencies and enhance care quality. The physician-designed technology positions leading hospitals and health systems worldwide to effectively address future market demands including: