Quippe Clinical Data Engine

Make your clinical system think and work like a clinician
with diagnostically-connected data

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Leverage Your Data to Improve
Patient Care and Provider Experience

Most clinical systems were not designed to help providers care for patients, they were designed for billing. Today's systems need to complement real life interactions with the patient. They should simplify downstream processes like coding and billing, referrals, quality measures, reporting, and interoperability. With a cohesive clinical data strategy, health systems can optimize care delivery, and make data work for patients as well as the care team.

Quippe's Clinical Data Engine™ diagnostically connects complex medical information from across domains and disparate systems. Quippe integrates with a wide range of applications, from EHRs to next-gen AI applications, and works with data from any source.

  • Rapidly retrieve, correlate, or record patient- and problem-oriented information at the point of care and beyond.
  • Anticipate clinician workflow and present clinically relevant patient data when the clinician needs it.
  • Normalize and store any structured and unstructured medical information – from narrative to images, data tables to FHIR bundles – as coded, standardized data elements.
  • Power your applications with dynamic, diagnostically connected data mapped to standard terminologies and code sets for reporting, interoperability, billing and more.
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A Purpose-Built Knowledge Base

For over 40 years, board-certified physicians from leading institutions and expert information technologists have curated the MEDCIN Knowledge Engine behind the Quippe Clinical Data Engine. MEDCIN powers the Quippe suite of solutions, delivering robust tools to make data relevant and usable across the full ecosystem of care.


Data Foundations for AI Applications

Support machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) solutions with an expertly curated knowledge base at the core.


Clinically Intelligent Insights

Analyze patient records, symptoms, and test results, and provide clinical decision support to clinicians at the point of care. Quippe anticipates a clinical train of thought for any scenario and brings the data to the provider that they need.


Dynamic, Flexible Documentation

Streamline workflows, improve usability, and increase satisfaction with user-friendly, customizable documentation tools that intelligently anticipate workflows and work within existing EHRs.


Real-Time Validation and Coding

Support compliance and risk management with integrated HCC analysis and documentation scoring, Quality Measures, and accurate, complete coding for reimbursement.


Structured, Standardized Data

Capture and normalize data in any format, from any source, and optimize coding across standard vocabularies and terminologies within a single platform.


Intelligent Interoperability

Exchange patient data across domains and disparate systems, and leverages resources such as FHIR to enable interoperability.


Clinical Concepts

10 million

Code Mappings

40+ yrs

Expert Curation

Make clinical data relevant and actionable
across the full healthcare ecosystem

Present usable, problem-specific information at the point of care, while optimizing coding across standard vocabularies and terminologies within a single platform. Quippe helps you ensure accurate, complete clinical data is available at the right time, in the right format to advance your organization’s goals.

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"Previously when using EHRs, I had to work for the computer and I didn't like it. With Quippe Clinical Lens, the computer goes through the huge volume of data in a patient's chart and brings me the relative, high-value clinically connected concepts for the problem I am treating the patient for that day. Medicomp has done the work to change how systems can function and empower the clinician at the point of care."

William J. Hayes, MD
Chief Medical Officer, CPSI

Trusted by Healthcare Organizations and
Medical Technologies Worldwide

Based on 40+ years of multi-specialty clinician input, Quippe’s unique concept-focused Data Model and Clinical Data Engine turns medical data in any format, from any source into actionable information. Quippe integrates with EHRs, AI applications, and other technologies to help drive quality patient care and improved outcomes. It is relied upon by hundreds of thousands of clinicians globally every day.


Empower better

icon Improve workflows
icon Increase efficiency and
icon Enable bi-directional
icon Accelerate billing, coding,
reporting, and review
icon Reduce audit risk

Capture, Filter, Normalize, and Exchange
High-Quality, Clinically Relevant Data

Quippe Solutions

Medicomp Systems has developed a suite of solutions known as Quippe. These include:

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