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Quippe Nursing provides the industry’s first dedicated care planning and clinical documentation solution.

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Quippe Nursing: Care Planning and Clinical Documentation Solutions

Healthcare providers are focused on delivering high quality, efficient and personalized patient care while also meeting compliance and audit standards, working within budget constraints, and meeting patient demands. Nurses are the key to achieving these objectives, not only because they care for the patient, but also about the patient.

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Inpatient or ambulatory care environment

Quippe Nursing is fully customizable by user and by organizational needs, so it fits seamlessly in to your current EHR system, from acute inpatient to home health.

Data driven, informed clinical decisions

Quippe Nursing supports nurses to create thorough, data driven documentation and patient planning for all the right reasons. Improved quality and better patient outcomes.

Care planning and clinical documentation

Quippe Nursing provides fast, easy clinical documentation solutions using evidence based decision support tools.

Patient centric

Quippe Nursing keeps you focused on the patient instead of the computer.

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The Challenge

Current nursing documentation tools rely heavily on unstructured, free text nursing notes and care plans that reflect individual nurse experience rather than evidence-based decision support systems and clinical guidelines.

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Nurses spend 30-45 minutes per shift, per patient creating and updating documentation

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Workflows are very manual – even when using EHR systems

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Care planning and documentation templates require extensive customization

The Solution

Quippe® Nursing is the industry’s first point-of-care documentation and care planning solution for nurses that includes customizable, evidence based clinical documentation, flow of data between documents for an 'enter once, view wherever needed' and a work-by-exception approach.

Quippe Nursing turbo charges the efficiency of care planning and clinical documentation, giving nurses more time for patient care and pro-active planning.

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Quippe Nursing uses advanced clinical relevance filtering and structured nursing data based on the Clinical Care Classification (CCC), evidence-based nursing terminology.

Helping Nurses Help Patients

Quippe Nursing supports informed, actionable care decisions and optimizes workflow efficiency. Quippe Nursing transforms essential documentation tasks from time-consuming, free text-based processes that “just have to be done,” to high-value activities that enhance patient care using fast, user friendly evidence-based templates within the EHR.

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Clinically driven, customizable and evidence based care plans and templates

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Integrates with any EHR

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Pre-populates with Clinical Care Classification terminology

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Supports compliance with CMS and Joint Commission requirements

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Creates audit-proof documentation with easy-to-track results

Improved Care Planning and Documentation

Quippe Nursing is fast and simple and supports the creation of audit-compliant documentation. It enables the tracking of patient progress for episodic and longitudinal, multi-disciplinary care planning while minimizing the time required for documentation. Nurses have more time for patient care and critical thinking and are empowered with high-quality care plans that are evidence-based and patient-specific.

Quippe Nursing creates structured data that supports advanced analytics and reporting needs, such as:


Productivity analysis


Team workload management


Quality review and compliance audit




Population health programs

Quippe Solutions

Medicomp Systems has developed a suite of solutions known as Quippe. These include:

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