Our Difference

It’s tough for doctors to be doctors in today’s healthcare environment.

Between ever-shifting government regulations, poorly designed clinical user interfaces, and inefficient hospital information systems (HIS), doctors are no longer able to focus solely on delivering quality patient care.

To empower physicians with the information, technology, and tools they need, Medicomp Systems did something different. By working directly with doctors as we developed our technology, we accomplished the Holy Grail: solutions that truly reflect the way doctors think and work.

The result? A powerful Quippe solution suite that improves clinical decision-making, streamlines workflows, supports regulatory compliance, and enhances clinical usability. Now doctors can go back to doing what they truly feel passion for – providing excellent patient care.

Our Philosophy

Since our founding in 1978, Medicomp Systems has remained committed to the simple principle that innovative technology can drive the delivery of high-quality, clinically relevant data to enhance patient care and save lives.

We believe that the most powerful computer in any healthcare enterprise is the one between the clinician’s ears. That’s why our physician-designed solutions include clinician-friendly interfaces and workflows that mirror and support physician thought processes.

By providing doctors with exactly the information they need to treat the patient in front of them, our Quippe platform enables efficient, high-quality care delivery; regulatory compliance; provider satisfaction; and, most importantly, better patient health. Now that’s an inspiration!

Our Technology

Medicomp Systems has spent over 30 years continuously expanding our powerful Quippe Clinical Data Engine in collaboration with clinical teams and data scientists from Cornell University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the Department of Defense Military Health System and other major health systems. As a result, Quippe Clinical Data Engine includes 100 million clinically computable links between medical concepts and standard nomenclatures such as SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, LOINC, IDC-10 and others.

Powered by Quippe Clinical Data Engine, Quippe Clinical Lens intelligently identifies and interprets disorganized and complex arrays of medical information from multiple sources to deliver filtered, high-value information as part of the physician’s workflow, aiding in clinical decision-making in the exam room.

The Quippe suite of solutions optimizes EHR usability and provides physicians with comprehensive problem-oriented views of clinically contextual information that helps them make better treatment decisions at the point of care. In addition, our easy-to-use Quippe clinical documentation tools display critical patient details in a query-friendly, structured data format that empowers analytics and clinical insights at the point of care.

Forward Looking Solutions

Our advanced Quippe solution suite enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to successfully address growing market demand for:

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