Experts in Delivering Actionable, Clinical Data

At Medicomp Systems, we enhance clinical decision-making, regulatory compliance and patient outcomes by delivering not just data – but actionable, relevant information at the clinicians’ fingertips. Our patented technology filters incoming healthcare information, maps it to clinical concepts and presents it to clinicians based on relevancy at the point of care.

Most Powerful Computer: Between the Physicians’ Ears

We recognize that the most powerful computer lies between the physicians’ ears. That’s why our physician-designed Quippe solution suite includes clinician-friendly interfaces and workflows that mirror the way physicians think and work.

Improve Clinical Decision-Making at the Point of Care

Powered by Quippe Clinical Data Engine, Quippe Clinical Lens empowers doctors with relevant, high-value information specific to a patient’s individual conditions, eliminating clinical static and promoting better clinical decision-making. The web-based application seamlessly integrates with any EHR, bringing data from multiple encounters across multiple systems, to provide usable medical information to the physician at the point of care.

Simplifying Regulatory Compliance – for MACRA & More

Satisfying healthcare’s ever-changing regulatory requirements is no small feat. Quippe Clinical Data Engine works behind the scenes to monitor quality compliance and identify which CQM requirements are being met. Quippe Clinical Lens then prompts the clinician with information about potential care gaps, empowering the provider to take immediate action at the point of care while addressing MACRA and other regulatory requirements.

Increasing Physician Productivity & Satisfaction

Quippe clinical documentation solutions enable healthcare organizations to heighten the usability and ROI of their current EHRs with enhanced documentation functionality and streamlined workflows, driving greater clinician efficiencies. With more time to spend on patient care, physician satisfaction skyrockets – and more patients receive much-needed care.

But don’t just take our word for it – watch Phoenix Children’s Hospital explain how adding Quippe solutions to their existing EHR led to elevated productivity, allowing their doctors to see up to 30 percent more patients.

Positioning Providers for the Future

Healthcare continues to change; but the need for actionable information – available in a structured, query-friendly format – will not. From extending interoperability, to optimizing population health management and value-based care models, and even supporting advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, Medicomp Systems is there for you. We provide the tools, technology and solutions that position your organization for success – today and tomorrow.