Connecting Data

Medicomp’s Quippe can be easily added to existing systems to cut through the clutter and deliver timely, diagnostically relevant information to physicians, nurses, and other providers at the point of care. It empowers healthcare providers with diagnostically connected information to improve patient outcomes.

Is Your Medicare Advantage
Documentation Audit-Proof?

Medicomp’s unique patented Medicare Advantage audit-proofing tools help safeguard your organization with real-time analysis of clinically relevant documentation by problem. With Quippe’s HCC Chart Reviewer and point-of-care tools, you can be assured that your documentation and coding supports Medicare Advantage requirements.

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Universal Data Acquisition

Quippe acts as a universal data translator, allowing you to acquire clinical data from any source – EHRs, PHRs, repositories, or documents – in any standard structured or unstructured format.

Make Data Usable

Quippe's unique diagnostic relevancy engine translates data from disparate sources to create problem-oriented views of a patient for any disease state – allowing providers to easily access quality measures, see longitudinal views for any condition, and facilitate real-time chart audits.


Connected Care

See all relevant information about existing or suspected problems – and take action in real time – by accessing data from multiple sources with a single click. Clinicians have all the interoperability, quality measurement, and compliance information they need for optimal patient care delivery.


Better Outcomes

Cut through the EHR clutter and deliver timely, diagnostically relevant information to clinicians at the point of care – so they can make more informed decisions
and deliver better care, faster.


What our clients say

"It [Quippe] cut our documentation time in half. On the first night, our nurses were saying, ‘I don't know what to do now’ they couldn't believe they had time to go and be back at the bedside."

Dawn Mattera, RN

Administrative Director, Critical Care and Emergency Department, Holy Name Medical Center

“Previously when using EHRs, I had to work for the computer and I didn’t like it. With Quippe Clinical Lens, the computer goes through the huge volume of data in a patient’s chart and brings me the relative, high-value clinically connected concepts for the problem I am treating the patient for that day. Medicomp has done the work to change how systems can function and empower the clinician at the point of care.”

William J. Hayes, MD

The benefits

Quippe improves the usability and ROI of EHRs and other clinical systems with expanded documentation functionality, enhanced data interoperability, and seamless workflows.

The result: greater physician satisfaction and productivity and more time for patient care.

Audit-proof documentation

Save money on transcription, coding and review

Increase physician productivity

Enhance patient care

Audit Proofing for Value-Based Care

Audit Proofing for Value-Based Care

Protect against audit risk with patented diagnostically intelligent documentation review tools for Medicare Advantage and other value-based programs. Improve coding accuracy for compliance with risk-based programs while increasing physician efficiency and improving clinical outcomes for patients.

Accessing Relevant Data at the Point of Care

Quippe Clinical Lens presents unique problem-oriented views to empower clinicians with relevant details about a patient for any disease state. Physicians and nurses can easily find all history about existing or suspected problems, access data from any source on an intelligent patient summary screen, and analyze quality measures in real time to ensure compliance.

Accessing Relevant Data at the Point of Care
Dynamic Patient-Centered Documentation

Dynamic Patient-Centered Documentation

Doctors are trained to treat patients, not to code. Quippe clinical documentation solutions streamline clinician workflows, enhance documentation functionality, and enable audit-proof HCC compliance. Enhanced interoperability and simplified tracking of quality measurements and HCC coding helps drive clinician efficiency and productivity — enabling more time for patient care.

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Quippe Solutions

Medicomp Systems has developed a suite of solutions known as Quippe. These include:

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