Value-Based Care

Ensure Accurate Capture of Patient Health Risks

Quippe helps improve coding accuracy for compliance with risk-based programs, while increasing physician efficiency and driving better clinical outcomes.

Female doctor consulting with elder female patient


Integrated Scoring and
Documentation Review

Illustration representing the calculation of the HCC risk adjustment factor score from diagnoses in the patient chart

Improve Risk Adjustment Accuracy for HCC

Payment for Medicare Advantage and other value-based care programs depends on accurate, complete documentation. Quippe automatically evaluates the chart for appropriate reimbursement.

Close Care Gaps in Real Time

Improve care planning while optimizing reimbursements. Quippe analyzes patient data and code mappings to identify gaps in care and HCC-eligible codes. If an active problem has not been documented in the current period, clinicians can provide timely interventions that prevent complications and improve health outcomes.

Illustration representing the Quippe documentation scoring indicator showing that documentation is not adequate for the diagnosis
Illustration representing adequate, complete documentation for HCC

Verify Complete Documentation

To get credit for an HCC diagnosis, it must be fully and accurately documented. Quippe’s Documentation Scoring verifies in real-time that each problem has been adequately documented, including a treatment plan to support reimbursement. For any given diagnosis, clinicians can filter connected clinical concepts to support monitoring, evaluation, assessment, and treatment, and to address coding gaps during the patient visit.


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