Value-Based Care Evolution

As healthcare systems face the challenge of transitioning from traditional fee-for-service reimbursement to alternative payment models such as value-based care, they are searching for the right technology –and partner – to ease the evolution.

The Problem-Oriented View Is The Solution

With increased responsibility for enhancing patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care, providers need quick, point-of-care access to the right clinical information for best practice care delivery.

Powered by Quippe Clinical Data Engine, Quippe Clinical Lens transforms complex, disorganized data into structured, high-value information within comprehensive problem-oriented views. The solution empowers providers with relevant details about a specific patient for any known or suspected disease state, supporting clinical decision-making.

Address Care Gaps & Regulatory Demands

Quippe Clinical Lens also helps clinicians monitor and track quality measures, including those required to meet regulatory guidelines or their organizations’ internal standards. The solution works behind the scenes to facilitate quality compliance by prompting physicians at the point of care when potential care gaps are identified.

In addition, Quippe Clinical Lens allows healthcare organizations to author guidelines and embed them into existing clinical workflows, complemented by a scalable architecture that supports ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Better Outcomes

Sometimes, it’s a matter of having the right information at the right time to make the right decision. In healthcare, that’s all of the time. Quippe Clinical Lens provides clinicians with highly targeted clinical information to immediately close care gaps while the patient is still in front of them, leading to optimal health outcomes at the lowest cost of care.

Proven Partner

Medicomp Systems’ clinician-designed technology mirrors the way physicians think and work to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery. Our team is committed to enabling leading healthcare organizations to transition successfully into the new value-based world while addressing future market demands including: