Accelerate the Exchange of Meaningful Health Information

More and more data is available, but can you use it to impact care? Quippe’s API-based services and vocabulary normalization make clinical data relevant and actionable at the point of care and throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Female nurse in blue scrubs points to a patient chart on the doctor's tablet while they walk down the hospital hallway


Capture, Normalize, Filter, and Exchange Clinical Data

Illustration representing the normalization of disparate terminologies from clinical text

Normalize Disparate Terminologies

To make efficient use of clinical information, it should be both human and machine readable. Quippe normalizes disparate terminologies, providing a cohesive, holistic structure usable at the point of care.

  • Improves usability with concepts expressed in the way clinicians speak
  • Maps to all major standards and terminologies across the full spectrum of medicine
  • Preserves narrative and intent, while seamlessly supporting billing, reporting, and compliance requirements

Improve the Usability of Incoming Data

How do you simplify the fragmented mess of healthcare data so clinicians can find what they need? Our Clinical Data Engine organizes disparate data using structured clinical concepts and relevancy links, so it is cohesive, intuitive, and actionable at the point of care. We make it easy to surface the information needed to address the problem at hand without disrupting the clinician’s workflow.

Illustration representing patient data organized and filtered by diagnosis
Illustration representing bi-directional interoperability using FHIR

Scale FHIR®-based Data Exchange

Quippe captures clinical FHIR resources at the point of care without adding steps to the clinician’s workflow. Because Quippe concepts are expressed in the way clinicians think and speak, the next provider gets a complete patient story. Structured discrete data linked to those concepts support bi-directional health information exchange using FHIR. Quippe’s extensive support for data sets, including USCDI, enables enterprise-wide data usability.


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