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Advanced clinical documentation designed to deliver
valuable data for better patient care

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Clinical documentation that's
a tool, not a task

Elevate EHR usability and leverage AI to anticipate clinician train of thought. Quippe's intelligent documentation makes clinical data actionable throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Improve workflow efficiency

Most clinical documentation is fragmented, disruptive, and time-consuming. Systems tend to be one-way depositories of data, rather than two-way valuable tools that predict a clinician's thought process and support rapid workflows. Quippe improves clinical workflows and documentation with intelligence, delivering a responsive, customizable user experience that enables more time for patient care.

  • Leverage clinical intelligence, dynamic rules, and responsive workflows to accommodate any scenario
  • Design faster, more intuitive documentation without coding or programming expertise
  • Capture data within the natural workflow, in any format – structured data, free text, images, and more
  • Improve coding accuracy and specificity
improve workflow efficiency
streamline info point of care

Streamline information at the point of care

In most EHRs, clinical documentation is slow and important data is hard to find. Quippe enables a unified view of problem-related information found throughout the chart and across domains, limiting cognitive overwhelm and disconnected data entry. Through clinically-connected concepts and structured data, Quippe brings valuable patient data to the clinician to support care during the encounter.

  • Provide a unified view of the patient's symptoms, history, treatment, and trends
  • Highlight diagnostically-related concepts across domains and terminologies
  • Prompt relevant conditions for clinical decision support
  • Document encounters with natural language

Normalize natural language to standard terms

Unstructured data poses a barrier to interoperability, and creates difficulties for coding and billing. Translate clinical phrases and unstructured data to standard vocabularies and terminologies, and optimize coding for reimbursement without distracting from patient care. Quippe's Clinical Data Engine and advanced algorithms create value from unstructured data with a single API that uses intelligent NLP* to connect standard code sets across domains.

  • Make unstructured data usable for viewing patient status and trends, billing and reporting, and interoperability
  • Complete Clinical Quality Measures in the room with the patient
  • Support accurate billing, E&M coding, and HCC
  • Focus more time on caring for patients

*Quippe integrates with clinical NLP tools, including Amazon Comprehend Medical and emTelligent, to streamline data capture. A separate license for a 3rd party NLP solution is required to enable this capability.

normalize natural language standard terms

50%Increase in


“[Quippe] cut our documentation time in half. On the first night our nurses were saying, ‘I don’t know what to do now.’ They couldn’t believe they had time to go and be back at the bedside.”

Dawn Mattera, RN
Administrative Director, Critical and ED
Holy Name Medical Center

Transform clinical documentation

Enable more time for patient care and empower clinicians with usable data at the point of care. Powered by the Quippe Clinical Data Engine, Quippe Clinical Documentation ensures healthcare providers have the right data, at the right time to support patient care, while streamlining billing and compliance.

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Flexible documentation tools
designed for the point of care

Quippe Clinical Documentation enables clinicians to capture, filter, and view patient- and problem-specific data in a natural and meaningful way – without requiring clinicians to keep up-to-date with codes and regulations.

Based on 40+ years of multi-specialty clinician input, Quippe’s clinical relevancy engine predicts data clinicians want and makes it available in an instant. With Quippe, EHRs and other point-of-care technologies become powerful clinical tools that help drive quality patient care.

icon Diagnostic Index
icon Cross-Domain Findings
icon Workflow Prediction
icon Seamless EHR Integration
icon NLP Compatibility
icon Rapid Customization

Boost productivity and improve outcomes with
robust, adaptable clinical documentation.


Integrated Intelligence to
Advance CDI Goals

Structured clinical data makes downstream coding, reporting, and billing natural byproducts of documentation. Customizable, efficient workflows help Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) initiatives improve validation and compliance. With Quippe, organizations can leverage clinical intelligence (CI) to identify gaps, expedite revenue cycles, and optimize reimbursements.

Key Performance Indicators

Gain visibility into everything from population health to documentation completeness

Integrated Standards

Support billing and regulatory compliance through structured and standardized clinical data

Integrated intelligence to advance

Real-time Documentation Review

Enable concurrent reviewing to address issues and discrepancies at the point of care

Accurate & Complete Coding

Ensure appropriate billing, E&M coding, and HCC at the point of care

Quippe Solutions

Medicomp Systems has developed a suite of solutions known as Quippe. These include:

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