The Medicomp MEDCIN Engine


The Medicomp MEDCIN Engine was built for a very specific purpose: To present relevant clinical concepts in less than a second for any of tens of thousands of diagnoses or patient presentations.


In the Beginning



When Peter Goltra began developing MEDCIN in 1978, he was guided by the belief that the most powerful computer in any exam room is the one between the clinician’s ears. Physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals are among the most highly trained workers in the world and don’t need computers to tell them what they already know – which is why MEDCIN is designed to support clinical thought processes and workflows that provide clinicians with patient- and problem-specific information at the point of care.

MEDCIN: Built by physicians for physicians.  


For more than 40 years, Medicomp Systems has worked in partnership with physicians to build and update the Medicomp MEDCIN Engine. Clinicians from institutions including Harvard, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and the U.S. Department of Defense have dedicated tens of thousands of hours providing input and expertise to ensure MEDCIN meets the needs of physicians.


The result of their work is the Medicomp MEDCIN Engine, which now includes:



MEDCIN also contains more than 1.4 million mappings to terminologies and code sets including ICD10, CPT, SNOMED, LOINC, RxNorm, DSM5, UNII, CVX, CCC, CTCAE, and HCPCS. It is optimized for real-time use, is scalable and extremely efficient, and, supports artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.


MEDCIN concepts have been included in the UMLS Metathesaurus since 2006 and are designated as a category 3 license.


MEDCIN’s Purpose-built Structure


In designing MEDCIN, Medicomp used a radically different data structure to link “clinical nodes” to one another to aid the clinician thought process. This required a purpose-built structure using graph database technologies to support the connection of hundreds of millions of clinical concepts within the MEDCIN engine.


The purpose-built structure helps address the technical challenges of processing thousands of connections in milliseconds and presenting relevant concepts at the point of care. The concepts also help clinicians address:

  • Documentation requirements
  • Clinical Quality Measures
  • Coordination of Care
  • Coding and billing accuracy
  • Quality reporting and reimbursement


The MEDCIN Engine is at the core of all Medicomp products. Medicomp Systems has developed a suite of solutions known as Quippe. These include:

  • Quippe Clinical Data Engine
  • Quippe Clinical Documentation
  • Quippe Clinical Lens
  • Quippe HCC Risk Optimizer


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