EHR Clinical Documentation

Ease Provider Burnout
Without Changing EHRs

Enable more time for patient care, and finish notes before leaving the office. Quippe’s intuitive point-of-care documentation tools support clinicians without getting in the way of patient care.

Female doctor smiles at the medical results on her tablet


Dynamic, Flexible Tools
Designed for Clinicians

Illustration representing clinician first documentation

Deliver a Clinician-First User Experience

Most systems were built to capture billing codes. With Quippe, tools can be designed for how clinicians think and work. Patient encounters are captured with natural language, clinical phrases, and negative statements, adding specificity and preserving clinical intent. Our Clinical Data Engine normalizes this data for billing, reporting, and interoperability, and makes it valuable for downstream use.

Align Technology to Clinical Workflows

Technology must align to workflows to be helpful. Quippe embeds seamlessly within existing EHRs and point-of-care tools to ease the burden of documentation. Our unique Designer allows customized workflows by specialty, clinic, provider, and data collection needs. With dynamic documentation, providers see increased satisfaction, complete coding, and rapid growth in productivity.

Illustration representing customizable documentation to align with workflows
Illustration representing patient data organized and filtered by diagnosis

Get the Right Information, at the Right Time

A wealth of data exists, but how do you put it to work at the point of care? Instead of endless clicks through past encounter notes, Quippe presents a unified view of clinically-related information from across the patient record. By diagnostically connecting data® our technology puts existing and suspected problems into context – so clinicians can make informed, often life-saving decisions.


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