Extend Your EHR Functionality

Hospitals and health systems have invested substantial time and resources into their existing EHR solutions. However, they are still searching for more efficient capture and use of clinical data at the point of care, especially as they strive to attain quality outcomes at a lower cost under new value-based care models.

Heighten Physician Productivity & Satisfaction

Quippe clinical documentation solutions enable healthcare organizations to elevate the usability and ROI of their current EHRs with enhanced documentation functionality and streamlined workflows. Not only do Quippe clinical documentation solutions simplify the tracking of quality measurements and other activities required for regulatory programs, but they also drive greater physician efficiency and satisfaction by enabling more time for patient care.

In fact, clinicians who have added Quippe solutions to their existing EHRs report increased productivity, allowing them to see up to 30 percent more patients.

Better Decision-Making at the Point of Care

Quippe Clinical Lens, the latest innovation within the Quippe solution suite, allows doctors to view relevant, high-value information specific to a patient’s individual conditions, eliminating ͞clinical static͟ and promoting better decision-making at the point of care. The web-based application seamlessly integrates with any electronic health record or health information exchange, bringing data from multiple encounters across multiple systems right to the doctors’ fingertips.

Partnering for Better Value

Medicomp Systems’ Quippe solutions empower healthcare organizations of all sizes to exceed quality measures, satisfy regulatory compliance, increase clinical efficiencies and improve care quality. The physician-designed technology positions leading hospitals and health systems worldwide to successfully address future market demands including: