The Promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning hold great promise for improving healthcare, but enterprises struggle with how to incorporate these technologies into workflows without compromising physician productivity. Further, to reach their full potential, AI and machine learning technologies must leverage high-quality data and expert systems,both of which are severely lacking in today’s healthcare landscape.

Secret to Success: Structured Data

Quippe Clinical Data Engine provides organizations with the high-quality, coded clinical data needed for advanced AI algorithms. Clinical teams and computer data scientists have spent more than 30 years curating these concepts, scoring relevancy links between diagnoses and related symptoms, history, physical findings, test orders and results, therapies and co-morbidities for thousands of clinical scenarios. With its 100 million clinically computable links between medical concepts and standard nomenclatures including SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, LOINC, IDC-10 and others, Quippe Clinical Data Engine enhances data translation and transmission, resulting in the delivery of actionable information to the provider at the point of care.

In addition, Quippe Clinical Data Engine makes AI and machine learning more usable by presenting AI-derived insights within existing physician workflows, driving greater physician productivity and better clinical decision-making.

Quippe clinical documentation tools also facilitate AI insights by storing captured chart notes in a structured data format that can be analyzed using AI algorithms.

Positioning Healthcare Organizations for the Future

Medicomp Systems’ advanced Quippe technology enables leading healthcare stakeholders to address growing market demand for: