AI at the Point of Care

Empower Clinicians with Reliable, Relevant AI-Generated Data

Quippe pairs with AI to improve data quality, reduce clinician burden, and enhance patient care.

Female doctor reviewing results with a very happy older female patient


Accurate, Actionable Data
at the Point of Care

Illustration representing medical NLP and LLM generated output translated into structured clinical data

Clinically Normalize LLM and NLP Data

Improve safety, efficacy, and trust in AI. We use curated clinical content to validate the outputs of LLMs, while preserving the complete patient story. Our engine matches clinical terms from the full spectrum of medicine against Quippe’s comprehensive point-of-care terminology. The result is structured, discrete data mapped to standard terminologies, value sets, and reporting formats.

Use Information in Impactful Ways

Easily find what is relevant today to improve health outcomes and coordinate care. Quippe organizes disparate data around the way clinicians think about medical conditions, and presents findings based on provider preference and workflow. Our technology surfaces clinically relevant information for the existing problem list, or any new diagnosis. Clinicians can filter medications by diagnosis, view longitudinal lab trends, see the last echocardiogram findings, and more – empowering meaningful patient interactions in a natural workflow.

Illustration representing unified view of a diabetic patient's associated medications, tests, and lab trends
Illustration representing compliant patient chart

Ensure Quality and Compliance

Drive better patient, operational, and financial outcomes. With built-in clinical and business intelligence, Quippe seamlessly analyzes patient data to ensure compliance with current regulations and organization-defined priorities – so physicians can focus on practicing medicine.


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