Diagnostically Connecting Standard Terminologies

Discover How to Turn Data into Insights with Quippe’s Clinical Relevancy Engine

Fragmented patient data is limiting the value of health IT. Discover how Quippe connects concepts diagnostically to make information clinically relevant.

As interoperability expands, providers face information overload. How can you easily find what’s needed to manage patient conditions? How do you efficiently manage increasing data volume?

Quippe’s clinical relevancy engine links and filters problem-oriented data so clinicians get focused, actionable information at the point of care.

Download the Whitepaper: Diagnostically Connecting Standard Terminologies

In this whitepaper, learn how Quippe:

  • Structures concepts for clarity and real-time feedback in workflows
  • Normalizes data for reuse across formats, functions, and users
  • Maps extensively to terminologies like SNOMED CT for semantic interoperability
  • Extends vocabularies for optimized data capture and billing
  • Simplifies administrative functions like HCC analysis and quality reporting

Quippe moves beyond basic mappings to make clinical data more useful. Discover how Quippe’s clinical intelligence tools can help you:

  • Improve documentation accuracy and clinician productivity
  • Reduce physician burden for coding and compliance
  • Enhance analytics with normalized, connected data
  • Exchange comprehensive data to support population health

See how Quippe makes the most of available data while enabling the next generation of interoperable health IT.

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