Surviving Healthcare’s Perfect Storm

Technology leaders are facing a perfect storm: highly competitive markets, limited hospital and health system budgets for technology investment, and rising demand from provider organizations to help address ever-changing regulatory requirements and the oftentimes overwhelming transition to value-based care.

They can’t do it alone – which is why they’ve turned to Medicomp Systems.

Electronic Health Records: Upping the Ante

To ensure business viability, electronic health record (EHR) leaders need to extend the value of their current installations while also differentiating their systems as they approach new customers. By integrating the Quippe solution suite, EHR vendors can heighten EHR usability and ROI through expanded documentation functionality and streamlined workflows.

Furthermore, the advanced Quippe technology offers the benefits of simplified tracking of quality measurements and other activities required for regulatory programs, leading to even greater physician efficiencies and better organizational compliance.

Artificial Intelligence: It’s Closer Than You Think

Although artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning present tremendous opportunities for enhancing healthcare, organizations struggle with how to incorporate these technologies into systems and workflows without negatively impacting physician productivity. The missing piece to that puzzle is a trusted source of high-quality, structured clinical data, embedded in expert systems, that enables AI and machine learning to function optimally. This is where Quippe Clinical Data Engine comes in.

Quippe Clinical Data Engine provides organizations with comprehensive – yet filtered for relevancy –coded clinical data that is essential for advanced AI algorithms. With 100 million clinically computable links between medical concepts and standard nomenclatures including SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, LOINC, IDC-10 and others, the data engine can enhance data translation and transmission, delivering AI-derived insights to the physician in support of enhanced decision-making at the point of care.

Technology Designed for Tomorrow, Available Today

Medicomp Systems is committed to the simple principle that innovative technology can empower physicians with point-of-care delivery of high-quality, clinically relevant data, leading to better patient outcomes. Our team, technology and tools enable leading hospitals and health systems worldwide to successfully address present and future market demands including: