Peter Goltra, Founder and President

Peter Goltra is the founder and President of Medicomp Systems. An electrical engineer with a passion for improving healthcare delivery, Goltra has been a visionary in the field of medical informatics for more than 30 years and a driving force in the convergence of medicine and technology.

Goltra’s vision has always been to improve medical care by giving doctors a comprehensive system that enables them to electronically review and update medical records without compromising time with patients. By collaborating with physicians from Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the Department of Defense, Goltra continuously expands and refines the company’s technology-based offerings to match the evolving and real-world needs of clinicians.

Goltra is the original architect and engineer of Medicomp’s clinical knowledge engine that is embedded in leading EHR systems. By using this powerful knowledge engine, physicians worldwide can share and update patient files. A resource of this caliber has the power to speed delivery of care, decrease prescription errors, reduce redundant lab tests, and eliminate medical inaccuracies resulting from lack of access to patients’ records.

David Lareau, Chief Executive Officer

David Lareau is Chief Executive Officer of Medicomp. Lareau joined Medicomp in 1995 and has responsibility for operations and product management, including customer relations and marketing. Prior to joining Medicomp, Lareau founded a company that installed management communication networks in large enterprises such as The World Bank, DuPont and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. The Sinai Hospital project, one of the first PC-based LAN systems using email and groupware, was widely acknowledged as one of the largest and most successful implementations of this technology.

Lareau’s work at Sinai led to the founding of a medical billing company that led, in turn, to his partnership with Medicomp. Realizing that the healthcare industry made less use of information technology than almost any other industry, particularly in the area of clinical care, Lareau immediately saw the potential for Medicomp’s powerful technologies and joined the company to help fulfill Peter Goltra’s vision.

Jay Anders, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Jay Anders is Chief Medical Officer of Medicomp Systems. Dr. Anders supports product development, serving as a representative and voice for the physician and healthcare community that Medicomp’s products serve. Prior to joining Medicomp, Dr. Anders served as Chief Medical Officer for McKesson Business Performance Services, where he was responsible for supporting development of clinical information systems for the organization. He was also instrumental in leading the first integration of Medicomp’s Quippe Physician Documentation into an EHR.

Dr. Anders spearheads Medicomp’s clinical advisory board, working closely with doctors and nurses to ensure that all Medicomp products are developed based on user needs and preferences to enhance usability.

Dan Gainer, Chief Technology Officer

Dan Gainer is Chief Technology Officer of Medicomp. Gainer joined Medicomp in 2005 as a Senior Software Engineer and led the charge to move the company to web-based capabilities. Before joining Medicomp, Gainer co-founded a company that provides accounting software for small businesses that contract with the federal government.

Gainer has more than 23 years of experience in software development in a number of industries including healthcare, accounting, education, and financial services. This broad base of application environments has helped hone Gainer’s ability to understand specific and immediate needs of users and given him insight to provide flexibility for future needs, always mindful to streamline users’ processes and facilitate requirements management. Gainer was instrumental in Medicomp’s development and launch of Quippe documentation and continues to lead the development team to expand Quippe products and offerings.


Jason Valore, General Manager – Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Jason Valore is General Manager of Asia/Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Valore manages company operations in the regions, overseeing the integration of Medicomp’s products, including Quippe Physician and Nursing Documentation and Quippe Clinical Lens into enterprise electronic health record (EHR) systems around the world. Prior to joining Medicomp in 2014, Valore was the Health Information Systems Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the Veterans Affairs and Military Health Group at Northrop Grumman Corporation developing technical architectures and implementation approaches for various initiatives. Valore has over 16 years of experience working in the health information technology field in technical, operational and functional capacities.

James Aita, Director of Strategy and Business Development – North America

James Aita is the Director of Strategy and Business Development for North America. Aita brings over 15 years of experience as a strategist, product manager and business analyst to this leadership position. Aita has dedicated his career to solving problems within the healthcare ecosystem. Most recently, he was the Head of Healthcare Solutions at Idea Couture in Toronto where he drove the creation of programs, services and technologies that help to improve patient care while also reducing costs.

Prior to his position at Idea Couture, Aita spent four years in a senior product management role at Medicomp developing the company’s Quippe modules, and expanding their footprint in the United States and globally. He has also led product management and operations for healthcare technology firms in the United States and Canada, contributing to awards for both product and customer satisfaction.