Deliver More, With Less

Ever-changing regulatory requirements place a tremendous burden on EHR vendors, who must balance limited resources to comply with evolving quality reporting and reimbursement requirements, as well as address demands for new features and functions that enhance the user experience.

The Quippe product suite helps EHR vendors effectively satisfy market demands without draining development resources.

The Power of Quippe

Whether EHR vendors are seeking more streamlined workflows, increased interoperability, or tools to facilitate quality reporting, the Quippe Clinical Data Engine powers multiple solutions:

  • Quippe Clinical Lens empowers physicians by identifying and interpreting disorganized, complex medical data and delivering problem-centric views that support clinical decision-making – within the physician’s workflow, at the point of care.
  • Quippe Clinical Documentation improves the usability and ROI of EHRs with expanded documentation functionality and streamlined workflows, plus simplifies the tracking of quality measurements and other activities required for regulatory programs.
  • Quippe HCC Risk Optimizer increases physician efficiency and reimbursement potential as it optimizes risk adjustment factors for Medicare Advantage patients through the real-time identification of treatment specificity and coding gaps in care provided in documentation.

Quippe’s powerful suite of products improves the usability and ROI of providers’ current EHR systems. See how one hospital saw increased productivity and over $1 million annual savings by adding Quippe to enhance the value of their existing EHR.


Enhancing EHRs

Medicomp Systems’ physician-designed Quippe technology expands the functionality and value of EHRs, adding powerful differentiators in a crowded marketplace. By leveraging Quippe technology, EHR vendors can position leading hospitals and health systems to successfully address current and future market demands, including: