Physicians’ Most Powerful Computer: Their Brain

We believe that the most powerful computer in any healthcare organization is the physician’s brain –filled with deep knowledge, years of experience and well-honed heuristic processing.

That’s why we designed our Quippe solution suite to mirror the way physicians think and work to support their clinical decision-making at the point of care.

Quippe: Taking Clinical Decision Support to the Next Level

Quippe technology was innovated by physicians to elevate clinical decision support (CDS) through real-time delivery of filtered, high-quality medical information to the clinician at the point of care.

Our Quippe Clinical Data Engine solves the data dilemma by facilitating bi-directional interoperability between different systems with mappings of millions of clinical concepts, including SNOMED-CT, RxNorm, LOINC, IDC-10 and others. The data engine intelligently identifies and interprets disorganized, complex arrays of medical information from multiple sources, and analyzes data sets by problem to significantly increase the relevance and value of queries and insights.

Powered by Quippe Clinical Data Engine, Quippe Clinical Lens empowers physicians with problem-centric views of medical information, reducing clinical noise and increasing physician productivity. This enhanced capture and use of clinical data at the point of care is vital to success under new value-based care models, which focus on lower costs and better outcomes.

Quippe clinical documentation solutions extend the usability and ROI of providers’ current EHRs with expanded documentation functionality and streamlined workflows. In addition, the clinical documentation solutions simplify the monitoring and tracking of quality measurements for improved MACRA compliance, as well as for other regulatory requirements, resulting in even greater physician efficiencies.

Proven Partner – With Proven Outcomes

Medicomp Systems’ Quippe solution suite enables healthcare organizations of all sizes to exceed quality measures, satisfy regulatory compliance, boost clinical efficiencies and heighten care quality. Our advanced technology positions leading hospitals and health systems worldwide to effectively address present and future market demands including: