Every now and then, it’s fun to freshen things up—whether it’s a spiffy new suit for your fall wardrobe (to fuel your fashion fantasies) or a sleek, updated user interface for your favorite software (to indulge your inner geek).

Or perhaps you’re like us and your idea of refreshing fun is to update your website to highlight innovative new solutions and years of success driving the delivery of high-quality, clinically relevant data that enhances patient care and saves lives.

Even if new websites don’t make you giddy, I encourage you to take a tour of our updated site, which showcases the advanced capabilities of Quippe Clinical Data Engine and its ability to improve decision-making at the point of care. You may be amazed by what you learn about Quippe Clinical Data Engine, which has been continuously enhanced over the last 30 years and powers Quippe clinical documentation solutions for optimizing the usability and ROI of EHRs.

Our new website also features a wealth of thought leadership and educational content, including the new e-book, “Clinical Conundrum: Too much data, not enough meaning,” and a new video highlighting the Medicomp Systems difference. These updated materials offer insights into healthcare’s new world of value-based care and highlight how providers are drowning in data, yet also thirsting for information.

As you review our site, you will see plenty of evidence that we recognize the many challenges that providers are facing, such as how to:


You’ll also note our continued focus on helping organizations maximize the potential of new technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, and satisfy growing market demand for solutions that address the need for enhanced clinical interoperability and regulatory compliance.

We’re proud to share our refreshed website with you and hope you agree that it’s a great reflection of our mission, vision and values, as well as our long-term commitment to creating solutions that empower clinicians to deliver the best possible patient care.