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Is Your Documentation Audit Proof?

With CMS’ increased scrutiny on risk-based reimbursement through Medicare Advantage and similar programs, providers must have audit-proof documentation that accurately and fully captures details of a patient’s condition for risk assessment.

Medicomp’s Clinical AI solutions facilitate audit-proof documentation, as well as diagnostically connect data for:

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
  • Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs)
  • HCC coding and risk adjustment (HCC/RAF)
  • Guidelines and pathways
  • Clinical decision support

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    Quippe Clinical Lens

    Today’s healthcare problem isn’t a lack of data; it’s a lack of usable data. Quippe® Clinical Lens uses MEDCIN's intelligence links to identify and interpret disorganized, complex arrays of medical data and transforms that data into actionable information and clinical insights – all within the physician’s workflow.

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