Michelle Noteboom: Give me a bit of background on Medicomp and what Medicomp does.

Dave Lareau: Medicomp was founded by Peter Goltra in 1978 and the main mission since its founding was to present relevant clinical information to the physician at the point-of-care so they can document and treat the patient. That’s really the core of what we do. We work with 15 to 20 physicians, most of them board certified in internal medicine, as well their specialty. We have a fairly expansive knowledge editing system, where the physicians work with our knowledge engineers.

So, if you’re thinking about asthma, what are the relevant symptoms, history, physical exam, test, diagnosis, and therapies? If somebody presents with left upper quadrant abdominal pain and nausea and vomiting, what would you be thinking of, and what would you want to document, what kind of test do you want order, what’s your presumptive diagnosis?