Now that the booths are packed, the expense reports are submitted, and the major spring healthcare technology conferences are in the rearview mirror, take a listen back and hear what was hot, what was not, and what was on the minds of industry experts who attended ViVE and HIMSS. (And, yes, there was a lot of talk about AI).

In this episode of Tell Me Where IT Hurts, host Dr. Jay Anders catches up with industry executives and pundits on the show floors at ViVE and HIMMS to find out what’s top of mind in healthcare right now. Listen as he checks in with:

Dr. Anders and guests discuss emerging and evolving industry trends, takeaways from the conferences, and what’s next in healthcare and healthcare technology today, including:

  • Post-pandemic HIMSS and ViVE ­­–– A resurgent surge?
  • Major trends and overarching themes observed at the conferences
  • AI is hot, but transparency and model training are not quite there
  • AI’s promising ability to pull unstructured information from clinical notes
  • More AI –– cybersecurity is paramount, but let’s keep an eye on bias
  • And about AI again: Will it replace us? Augment us? Automate basic functions? Free up time for providers?
  • Clinical decision support – we must make it work better for clinicians
  • HTI-1 –– it can bring a needed level of government oversight to the application of AI in healthcare, but for now it’s still rather nebulous and questions remain
  • Interoperability –– the impact of regulations and new technologies
  • The current state of QHINs
  • Listening to the patient voice – understanding how healthcare and its processes, systems, and technologies impact the patient journey
  • How has telehealth changed the patient experience?
  • Nursing moves to the forefront!
  • And more…

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