In the ever-evolving landscape of U.S. healthcare, the shift of post-acute care moving downstream to the home has been gaining quiet but steady momentum in recent years. And as senior director of product management with a leading software provider in the space, Juan Carlos Gallegos has a front-row seat to the increasing use of technology to facilitate this transition.




On this episode of Tell Me Where IT Hurts, Dr. Jay Anders and “JC” discuss the unique challenges presented by home-based care –– from care coordination to structured data delivery –– and how technology is being leveraged and improved to meet the changing demands of the healthcare industry, enhance patient care, and make healthcare more efficient and patient-centric.

Among the topics discussed by Gallegos and Dr. Anders in this episode are:

  • The downstream transition of healthcare from hospitals to home/lower levels of care
  • Gallegos’ background – Transitioning from nursing in ICUs to health IT product management for EHRs and revenue cycle tools
  • Overview of Homecare Homebase (HCHB) – Building a new EHR platform for home health and post-acute care centered around a lifetime patient record
  • Importance of psychological safety for clinicians using EHRs in the field without regular oversight
  • Enhancing care coordination and modernizing clinical user experience with a new EHR
  • Unique challenges of home care technology – The need for reliable offline usage, care coordination across care settings, compliance
  • Balancing regulatory compliance and documentation requirements with user-friendly technology to improve clinician satisfaction and patient care
  • Structured/coded data as a foundation for regulatory compliance, analytics, AI model training
  • Communication workflows for care teams including various roles like nurses, physicians, social workers
  • Potential applications for AI – Risk predictions, documentation automation
  • Vision for revolutionizing healthcare customer/patient satisfaction by learning from other industries
  • “If you had a magic wand and could change anything in healthcare IT today, what would it be?”


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