Medicomp’s Quippe solution earns perfect rating on customer experience, performance, value and other criteria

WASHINGTONJune 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ Medicomp Systems, a physician-driven provider of clinically contextual patient data solutions, today announced that Frost & Sullivan has awarded the company its 2019 Customer Value Leadership Award for Clinical Decision Support for the Quippe suite of solutions. Frost & Sullivan rated Medicomp a 10 out of 10 on key customer and business benchmarking criteria emphasizing customer experience, performance and value.

Frost & Sullivan highlighted Medicomp’s Quippe Clinical Data Engine and Quippe Clinical Lens and in particular acknowledged the solutions’ “physician-centric decision support.” Frost & Sullivan noted that Quippe is designed by physicians to mirror the physician-patient interaction process and delivers decision support information at the point of care to mesh with clinical workflows. Frost & Sullivan also pointed out that Quippe uses artificial intelligence but emphasizes human intelligence as the primary determinant of effective treatment because it incorporates curated clinical data from physician experts.

“There is more to technology than applications and systems because technology that is not usable is worse than no technology at all,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Manager, Mike Jude. “In the area of delivering solutions that resonate with users, Medicomp Systems excels. Rather than loading the physician with additional distractions and taking time away from the patient, Medicomp solutions actually reduce the amount of time that a physician needs to interact with a screen. By enabling a more natural data entry and delivery experience, tailored to the way clinicians actually think and work, Medicomp enables a more natural physician-patient interaction while still facilitating important compliance and treatment activities.”

Last year, Frost & Sullivan also named Medicomp as the winner of its 2018 North American Electronic Health Record (EHR) Optimization Technology Leadership Award for Quippe. Frost & Sullivan selected the suite of solutions based on its ability to help organizations optimize their EHRs to reduce the documentation burden for physicians at the point of care and use clinical data to improve patient outcomes.

“We are honored that Frost & Sullivan has once again recognized Quippe as a solution that removes the distraction and frustration of redundant and useless data from physician workflows, allowing them to focus on patients and deliver better outcomes,” said Medicomp CEO David Lareau. “What’s even more meaningful is that this award specifically recognizes the value we deliver to our customers, which is our most important goal. It’s also why we continue to improve and expand Quippe so that it is even more essential to physicians’ clinical workflows, enables greater physician-patient interaction and drives greater efficiency.”

Frost & Sullivan highlighted how Quippe and Medicomp deliver the highest customer value based on numerous factors, including:

Price/Performance Value
Medicomp’s highly satisfied customers noted that by deploying Quippe they were able to reduce costs and improve outcomes. As for one customer they were able to save over one million dollars in medical transcription costs. For physicians, the ability to access metrics on treatment regimens and population impacts of those regimens enabled them to see more patients, more effectively and with less overhead.

Customer Purchase Experience
Frost & Sullivan noted that “anyone adopting Medicomp can be assured that plenty of help exists and is easily accessed.” As user needs evolve and as the complex healthcare regulatory environment changes over time, Medicomp has been singularly successful in evolving its products and services to support the new dynamics, according to the healthcare analyst firm.

Customer Ownership Experience
Frost & Sullivan pointed out how Medicomp client Phoenix Children’s Hospital was able to increase its documentation rate to 97% complete within 24 hours of a patient visit, which contributed to an increase in successful treatments for juvenile idiopathic arthritis. While the disease is chronic, the number of cases where the disease becomes inactive has improved above 73% since using Medicomp solutions.

Growth Potential
Frost & Sullivan writes that the growth of the clinical decision support system market will be driven by solutions such as Quippe that spare physicians from the “clunky interfaces and tedious documentation requirements” of EHRs. Human factors and technology that is designed by users of such technology are becoming key ingredients in the EHR value position and are areas where Medicomp already excels.

Human Capital 
Medicomp solutions, designed for physicians by physicians, enable the physician to concentrate on the patient rather than the screen, according to Frost & Sullivan. Rather than hiring scribes to follow doctors around, inputting patient information, healthcare providers can empower the physician to input her or his own observations in a more holistic and natural way. The result is physicians achieve better patient outcomes, IT loadings are minimized, and patients are made to feel like the physician is there for them and not simply a distraction from data entry.

To view the full industry report, please visit the Medicomp website.

About Medicomp Systems
In 1978, Medicomp Systems’ founder and President, Peter Goltra, pioneered the patented MEDCIN® Knowledge Engine, co-designed with physicians, to transform disorganized, complex arrays of medical information into structured, clinically relevant data at the point of care. Leveraging its flagship engine, Medicomp’s Quippe suite of solutions uniquely delivers longitudinal patient information within problem-oriented clinical views, mirroring the way physicians think and work to drive optimal patient outcomes. Quippe also includes wizard-based documentation functionality, which integrates into existing clinical workflows and EHRs, enabling health systems to further enhance EHR usability. With Quippe, healthcare organizations of all sizes can satisfy quality measures and regulatory compliance, increasing physician productivity while effectively positioning themselves for future market demands. Today, leading hospitals and health systems and more than 100,000 users/day rely on Medicomp’s proven domain expertise and clinician-designed technology to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery. For more information, please visit

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