Patented technology filters health data to provide clinicians with point-of-care access to relevant information for optimal decision-making


WASHINGTON, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Medicomp Systems, a physician-driven provider of clinically contextual patient data solutions, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Medicomp US Patent 10,319,466 for the intelligent filtering of health-related information. The patent covers the method of receiving clinical data, including items encoded in external standard terminologies and code sets, converting the data into clinical concepts included in Medicomp’s MEDCIN® clinical relevancy engine, and using the relevancy rankings to filter and present the incoming data to the clinician at the point-of-care based on a specific diagnosis, condition or clinical presentation.

The patented technology enables users to filter and select data by diagnosis or condition allowing clinicians to see the relevant symptoms, history, physical exam findings, tests, therapies, comorbidities and sequelae associated with that condition.

“CMIOs and medical directors have described this newly patented intelligent filtering of health-related information as the ‘holy grail’ of healthcare IT,” said David Lareau, CEO of Medicomp Systems. “Our focus on improving workflows and outcomes and fixing EHRs where they hurt is driving our ongoing innovation and the evolution of our solutions.”

This patent, the latest of three recent patents awarded to Medicomp, forms the core of Medicomp’s Quippe solutions, which support clinicians at the point-of-care by giving them the information they want to see, when they want to see it, without slowing them down or impeding workflows.

“Together, these three new patents extend the vision of Medicomp founder and President Peter Goltra to improve medical care by giving doctors solutions that enable the electronic review and update of medical records without compromising time with patients,” Lareau said. “Our Quippe solutions are transforming the way clinicians provide care to patients—and our patented methods are advancing the filtering and mapping of standard terminologies and code sets, making it easier for clinicians to access relevant patient data at the point-of-care resulting in more precise diagnosis and clinical recommendations.”

In 2018, the USPTO issued Medicomp US Patent 9,864,838 for clinically intelligent parsing. The patent covers the method of parsing free text into multiple clinical terms, then searching the MEDCIN engine for clinical relevancy linkages between the terms and diagnoses and associating each term with a potential medical diagnosis. The technology improves the accuracy and precision of converting free text to codified clinical data and enables the filtering of free text using a specific diagnosis.

US Patent 9,396,505 was issued in 2016 for the method of automatically reviewing a patient’s history and notifying a user any time a specific data point had previously been documented in a patient’s record, and how it had changed over time. This gives clinicians access to the information they need without having to search for details in the chart.

“As we continue to support vendors and clinicians with solutions that streamline clinical documentation, coding and quality reporting initiatives, our recently patented methods will add significant value for users,” Lareau said. “We are continuing to develop new technologies to improve the clinician experience and patient outcomes and look forward to announcing additional patented technology in the near future.”

MEDCIN is Medicomp’s proprietary clinical relevancy engine that includes an intelligent clinical database to support accurate documentation. The engine filters standard terminologies and code sets, including ICD-10, ICD-11, CPT, LOINC, SNOMED CT, RxNorm, DSM5, CTCAE, UNII, CCC, HCPCS, and CVX and provides mapping to more than 1.2 million clinical concepts.

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In 1978, Medicomp Systems’ founder and President, Peter Goltra, pioneered the patented MEDCIN® Knowledge Engine, co-designed with physicians, to transform disorganized, complex arrays of medical information into structured, clinically relevant data at the point of care. Leveraging its flagship engine, Medicomp’s Quippe suite of solutions uniquely delivers longitudinal patient information within problem-oriented clinical views, mirroring the way physicians think and work to drive optimal patient outcomes. Quippe also includes wizard-based documentation functionality, which integrates into existing clinical workflows and EHRs, enabling health systems to further enhance EHR usability. With Quippe, healthcare organizations of all sizes can satisfy quality measures and regulatory compliance, increasing physician productivity while effectively positioning themselves for future market demands. Today, leading hospitals and health systems and more than 100,000 users/day rely on Medicomp’s proven domain expertise and clinician-designed technology to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery. For more information, please visit

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