Despite years of effort, healthcare has yet to achieve true interoperability. Physicians, health systems, vendors and the government all claim to back initiatives that support the sharing of healthcare data between providers. Yet very few hospitals today can pull up the complete medical history of a single patient coming through their ER doors – and thus the quest for healthcare interoperability remains very much alive.

The real-world impact of this lack of interoperability is especially troubling. It leads to waste, creates inefficiencies, increases patient safety risks and contributes to clinician burnout. Interoperability challenges prevent the flow of critical clinical information across the care continuum, making it difficult for clinicians to access the right information at the right time for the right patient.

Our new e-book is sharing the untold story of interoperability. We’re exploring the reality of the current landscape, why progress has been so slow and how we can collaborate to deliver safer, more cost-effective patient care. 

Download our new e-book to:

  • Discover why the current state of interoperability fails to provide clinicians with the right information at the point of care
  • Assess the technological, cultural and financial barriers to achieving true interoperability
  • Define the standards and protocols that must be put in place to ensure that shared data is useful to clinicians and benefits patients
  • Analyze how a Meaningful Use-like incentive program that rewards providers for adhering to interoperability standards could accelerate progress