EHR Aches: Do inefficient workflows diminish your clinicians’ productivity and make it difficult to find diagnostically-relevant details within a patient chart?

Disorganized Data: Do your physicians have difficulty accessing the right data at the right time for the right patient?

Quality Quandaries: Are gaps in care, documentation or coding you costing you lost revenue and impacting patient outcomes?

Medicomp has the cure. Our Quippe Clinical Solutions maximize revenue, optimize quality of care, and improve real-time quality compliance. Quippe increases clinician productivity with streamlined workflows and delivers reliable data at the point of care to power not only better care but also clinical dashboards, analytics and AI.

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    You’re invited to join Medicomp and Phoenix Children’s Hospital on:

    Tuesday, February 12th
    1:30pm ET
    Room 311

    Enhancing Patient Care with Physician-Driven Documentation at Phoenix Children’s Hospital
    Presented by: Dr. Vinay Vaidya, CMIO and VP at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Dr. Michael Shishov, a practicing pediatric rheumatologist. 

    Phoenix Children’s Hospital will share details of their ongoing clinical documentation improvement initiative that is not only enabling efficient, structured documentation, but also allowing the organization to harness patient data to create real-time clinical dashboards that facilitate more effective care for patients with chronic disease. The speakers discuss specific keys to success, including a patients-first commitment; strong clinician and IT collaboration; a well-planned vision for the initiative’s end goals; and systematized processes that ensure the continuous optimization of technology so that organizational needs are met. The session will also offer insights into how a well-executed implementation process has helped Phoenix Children’s realize better clinical outcomes, more thorough clinical documentation, increased physician productivity and cost savings.
    (Read more at HIMSS.ORG … )


    Can’t make the live session on Tuesday? Join us in our booth for a Q&A with Phoenix Children’s on Tuesday at 4pm ET in our booth. Refreshments will be served.

    February 12th
    4pm – 6pm ET
    Booth# 3901