Industry leader honored for healthcare documentation solution that increases efficiency and allows physicians to see more patients

WASHINGTON, June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Medicomp Systems, a physician-driven provider of clinically contextual patient data solutions, announced today that the company has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Enabling Technology Leadership Award. Medicomp’s Quippe was chosen because of its ability to optimize EHRs for physicians at the point of care. The solution mirrors the way physicians think and work to help them to make sense of all clinical data and enable quicker, more accurate clinical documentation.


Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this prestigious award to a company that has developed a pioneering technology that not only enhances current products, but also the development of new products and applications. The award recognizes the high market acceptance potential of the recipient’s technology. Currently, over 100,000 users/day rely on Medicomp’s proven domain expertise and clinician-designed technology to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery —and users of the newest generation of Quippe report productivity increases of up to 30% and much greater satisfaction with their systems.

“Medicomp has created a truly innovative application that proves that technology can empower physicians at the point of care, rather than act as a roadblock,” said Frost & Sullivan Principal Industry Analyst Victor Camlek. “Quippe’s user-friendly, customizable suite of solutions provides clinicians with the right clinical information at the right time, and simplifies the clinical documentation process. We were excited by Quippe because it can transform the physician experience at the point of care, replacing frustration with satisfaction, and helping them to do what matters most — deliver the highest-quality, most efficient patient care.”


Quippe leverages Medicomp’s powerful MEDCIN® Knowledge Engine, which uses millions of mappings between clinical concepts to provide structured data. The purpose-built platform seamlessly integrates into existing clinical workflows and can be added to any EHR or HIS systems to enable elegant, clinical documentation that meets compliance and reporting requirements.


“Our team is proud to be recognized by Frost & Sullivan for designing solutions that support clinicians at the point of care. That’s been our focus since our company was founded by Peter Goltra in 1978 — and we’ve remained steadfast and true to that work,” said Medicomp CEO David Lareau. “Our goal is to perfect the point-of-care experience for physicians who are tired of sorting through the clinical static in their EHR when they would prefer to focus on patients, and who are burnt out from spending extra hours completing documentation when they’d prefer to go home to their families. This award is yet another confirmation that our solutions are incredibly valuable not only for physicians, but also for the patients that they treat each day.”


About Medicomp Systems
In 1978, Medicomp Systems pioneered its patented MEDCIN® Knowledge Engine, co-designed with physicians, to transform disorganized, complex arrays of medical information into structured, clinically relevant data at the point-of-care. Leveraging its flagship engine, Medicomp’s Quippe suite of solutions uniquely delivers longitudinal patient information within a problem-oriented clinical view, mirroring the way physicians think and work to drive optimal patient outcomes. Quippe also includes wizard-based documentation functionality, which integrates into existing clinical workflows and EHRs, enabling health systems to further enhance EHR usability. With Quippe, healthcare organizations of all sizes can satisfy quality measures and regulatory compliance, increasing physician productivity while effectively positioning themselves for future market demands. Today, leading hospitals and health systems such as Phoenix Children’s Hospital and over 100,000 users/day rely on Medicomp’s proven domain expertise and clinician-designed technology to improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery. For more information, please visit


Media Contact:Lisa Chernikoff, Amendola Communications for Medicomp, 734-678-5513,

Frost Sullivan - 2017 US Healthcare Documentation Enabling Technology Leadership Award

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