Medicomp’s Quippe Clinical Data Engine and Quippe Clinical Lens are recognized for delivering a clinical decision support system (CDSS) with relevant clinical information to physicians that mirror the physician-patient interaction process.

Frost & Sullivan, a leading healthcare analyst research firm, previously awarded Medicomp the 2019 award for its leadership in technology. In healthcare, technology has become extremely important to treating patients and running a healthcare organization. But technology that is cumbersome can become useless and even a burden to end-users. This is why Medicomp is thrilled that we received both the technology award and now the 2019 Frost & Sullivan award that focuses on customer value and not just technology.

Medicomp’s customers find the Quippe suite of products brings financial and clinical success to their healthcare organization. More specifically, Frost & Sullivan acknowledges Medicomp’s value to customers in the following categories: Price and Performance, Customer Purchase Experience, and Customer Usability Experience.

Price and Performance

  • Medicomp’s customers saw more patients using Quippe due to easy access to clinical treatment regimens and measures.
  • One of Medicomp’s customers saved over $1 million a year in transcription costs due to the use of its clinical documentation system.

Customer Purchase Experience

  • The purchase of clinical decision tools is never a one-and-done deal. As such, Medicomp understands the support needs and provides an ecosystem of online support, professional services, and community network of users.
  • Medicomp continues to evolve its technology as the industry changes. For example with the introduction of MACRA, Medicomp has enhanced its technology to push clinical measures to physicians at the point of care – allowing for ease of documentation and reimbursement.

Customer Usability Experience

  • Medicomp’s Quippe Data Engine and Quippe Clinical Lens provides value to customers as they engage with the solutions. For one customer, physicians were able to better treat patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis resulting in a 73% improvement where patients’ disease become inactive.
  • Medicomp’s users increased completed documentation to 97% within 24 hours from the encounter – a process which can take up to a week post-visit.


To learn more about Medicomp’s value to customers, download the full report.