With HIMSS19 quickly approaching, it’s difficult to ignore the truth about EHRs. Hardly a week goes by without someone publishing a new study that blames EHRs for being inefficient. Or, for fueling physician burnout, interfering with patient interactions, hampering the exchange of clinical information, containing too much irrelevant information – and more.

Just about the only thing EHRs are not (yet) being blamed for is global warming.

Unfortunately, most EHRs are indeed flawed and often painful to use.

Consider some of these common EHR aches. Do any sound a little too familiar?

  • Inefficient workflows. Most EHRs were developed to support billing activities and not to facilitate better patient care. As a result, workflows are typically cumbersome and not designed to work and think like a physician. Diagnostically-relevant and patient-specific details are difficult to find, especially at the point of care. Inefficient workflows diminish physician productivity.
  • Disorganized data. Physicians have difficulty accessing the right data at the right time for the right patient. Information must be manually manipulated before being uploaded to analytics systems or patient dashboards. Chronic disease management is challenging because relevant details related to specific diagnoses are not readily available and easily accessible.
  • Quality quandaries. Burdensome documentation tools, and shortages of clean, reliable clinical data makes quality reporting a struggle, reduces revenue, and impairs the quality of care. Quality reporting is incomplete and inaccurate because clinicians cannot easily document care plans, can overlook key quality indicators, and can’t easily identify care gaps, thus putting patients at risk.

Medicomp fixes EHRs where they hurt

Is your organization suffering from any or all of the above EHR maladies? If so, let Medicomp show you the cure at HIMSS19!

Our Quippe Clinical Solutions work seamlessly with existing EHRs to maximize revenue, optimize quality of care, and improve real-time quality compliance. Quippe increases clinician productivity with streamlined workflows and delivers clean, reliable data at the point of care to facilitate better care and to fuel clinical dashboards, analytics and AI.

Quippe can’t fix global warming but it can cure most of EHRs’ headline-grabbing flaws.

If you’re headed to HIMSS19, please stop by our booth (#3901) and learn more about Medicomp’s solutions for fixing EHRs where they hurt. We invite you to play our OpEHRation Game, see our solutions in action and win prizes – including $100 to a lucky winner every 30 minutes!