David Lareau is CEO of Medicomp Systems

National Health IT Week (NHIT Week) is an annual event that celebrates the essential role of health IT in transforming health and healthcare in the US. NHIT Week, which started in 2006, includes participants from across the government and private sector, including healthcare providers, health IT vendors and more. At events across the country, stakeholders are encouraged to collaborate to advance IT applications that catalyze actionable changes within the U.S. health system.

At Medicomp, we’re always celebrating health IT because we recognize the many ways that innovative solutions improve the delivery of patient care. For over 40 years, Medicomp has been creating clinical solutions designed to improve physician productivity, increase organizational efficiencies and facilitate better patient care. Along the way, we’ve also learned that collaboration between stakeholders is essential for healthcare transformation.

In many ways, our Quippe suite of solutions exemplify exactly what NHIT Week aims to celebrate and encourage; that is, an innovative technology that is built in collaboration with other industry stakeholders to transform healthcare. In designing Quippe, we relied heavily on input from physician end users, from the initial design, to testing and implementation – because who knows better than a physician what other physicians need to improve clinical outcomes, increase clinician productivity, and streamline workflows?

This week, in addition to recognizing our industry’s efforts to improve health and healthcare, we are also celebrating being recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Electronic Health Record (EHR) Optimization Technology Leadership Award for innovation at the point of care. Quippe was selected based on the solution’s ability to help organizations optimize their EHRs to reduce the documentation burden for physicians and use clinical data to improve patient outcomes.

Frost & Sullivan recognized Quippe’s ability to address several key industry challenges with productivity-enhancing tools that streamline the documentation process, improve point-of-care access to critical patient data and facilitate the interoperability of clinical outcomes.

Frost & Sullivan also noted that Quippe removes many of the technology roadblocks that negatively impact physician productivity and satisfaction and interfere with the delivery of quality patient care, including:

  • Inefficiencies that add to physicians’ administrative burdens
  • A lack of targeted, structured data to drive quality outcomes
  • A lack of interoperability that puts patients at risk because physicians don’t have all the data needed for point-of-care decision making.

Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Leadership Award recognizes companies that lead the development and successful introduction of high-tech solutions to address customers’ most pressing needs and alter the industry or business landscape in the process. We are honored to accept this award and feel more inspired than ever to collaborate with other industry stakeholders to advance health IT innovations that improve the country’s health and healthcare.