Solution aims to combat nurse burnout and support patient-centered care with streamlined clinical documentation and patient care planning


WASHINGTON, Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Medicomp Systems, which makes medical data relevant, usable and actionable, is officially launching Quippe Nursing at the 2021 ANIA Annual Conference August 2 – 5 in San Diego. Quippe Nursing is an industry-first solution that enables nurses to spend more time caring for patients and less time managing administrative clinical tasks.

Quippe Nursing, designed to reduce clinical documentation time by as much as 30 minutes per patient, per shift, integrates with any EHR to complement existing nursing workflows and ensure compliance with CMS and Joint Commission requirements. With easy filtering for relevant clinical data and built-in links to appropriate Clinical Care Classification (CCC) terminology, Quippe Nursing enables nurses to complete care documentation and planning in minutes so they can spend more time caring for patients.

“Nurse burnout rates continue to escalate, which is one reason why we are thrilled to introduce Quippe Nursing to the U.S. market,” said David Lareau, Medicomp Systems CEO. “For many years, Quippe Nursing has provided relief for nurses across Southeast Asia because it facilitates streamlined clinical workflows and documentation. We have now perfected the solution to address the unique documentation, care planning and compliance needs of nurses in the U.S. and look forward to empowering nurses with a solution that reduces documentation challenges and improves the delivery of patient care.”

Quippe Nursing has been deployed in hospitals throughout Southeast Asia for the past decade and was recently launch for the first time in the U.S. at Holy Name Medical Center, a comprehensive 361-bed acute care facility in Bergen County New Jersey. Holy Name went live earlier this year on a custom-built EHR that is powered by the Quippe clinical data engine and uses Quippe Nursing to streamline documentation workflows and facilitate care coordination and planning.

“Nurses know their patients better than anyone, and so Quippe Nursing is intentionally designed for nurses, by nurses, to support nursing workflow for any care environment,” said Toni Laracuente, Chief Nursing Officer for Medicomp Systems. “With its adaptation for the North American market, Quippe Nursing empowers providers to drive greater value from their EHR investments and, most importantly, enables the workflow and actionable information that helps us better serve our patients, populations, and the future of our profession.”

Medicomp is a Keynote Sponsor for the ANIA 2021 annual conference and will be attending virtually due to COVID-19 concerns. To learn more about Quippe Nursing or to schedule a virtual demo of the solution during the virtual ANIA 2021 conference, visit the ANIA virtual conference website. Demos can also be scheduled for any other time on the Medicomp site.

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Medicomp Systems is a leading provider of solutions that make data usable for connected care and better outcomes. In 1978, Medicomp pioneered the patented MEDCIN® Knowledge Engine to present relevant clinical concepts in less than a second for any of tens of thousands of diagnoses or patient presentations. For more than 40 years, Medicomp has worked with physicians from leading medical centers and institutions to create solutions that work seamlessly with any EHR to deliver diagnostically relevant and actionable information to clinicians at the point of care. The MEDCIN clinical engine powers the Medicomp Quippe suite of solutions and creates intuitive workflows that support – rather than disrupt – the way clinicians think and work. Medicomp’s solutions deliver proven clinical and financial ROI, including reduced documentation and coding costs, increased clinician productivity, improved outcomes, and appropriate reimbursement. With minimal time and financial investment, stakeholders can deploy the robust clinical engine to filter data from disparate sources and organize structured and unstructured data into relevant and usable information. With real-time access to patient- and problem-specific information, clinicians are empowered to deliver better care and outcomes. To learn more about how Medicomp solutions can benefit your organization, visit

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